Saturday, June 15, 2024
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RWA Race Sees Tokenized Treasury Market Grows Nearly 600% as Ethereum (ETH) Overtakes Stellar (XLM)

According to real-world asset (RWA) monitoring platform, the tokenized Treasury market surged to $698 million as of Monday from around $100 million at the start of the year. The expansion was spurred by new entrants into the space as well as from existing platform growth, Charlie You, co-founder of

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Stellar Blockchain to Add Ethereum-Style Smart Contracts – in Possible Boost for XLM Token

Among those was the decision to use Rust as the primary programming language, along with WebAssembly, also known as WASM, as the instruction format. That’s instead of Solidity, the language used to run the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is the foundation for running smart contracts on the Ethereum, Avalanche, Celo

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