Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Bitcoin can still crack $50K if gold correlation continues — Chart

Bitcoin (BTC) could get sucked toward $50,000 like a magnet if it continues to follow gold, fresh analysis predicts.In a Twitter update on Jan. 26, popular trader and market commentator TechDev presented a lofty new BTC price target tied to XAU/USD.Gold, Bitcoin inverse dollar correlation “without question”As the debate over

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Crypto Market Back To High Correlation As All Indexes Closely Follow Bitcoin

Data shows the crypto market has become highly correlation again in the past week as all indexes have been closing following Bitcoin. All Market Cap Weighted Crypto Indexes Have Been Moving Together Recently According to the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, the 30-day ETH-BTC correlation now has a value of 0.95. To

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Gold vs BTC correlation signals Bitcoin becoming safe haven: BofA

Despite the ongoing cryptocurrency bear market, investors have been increasingly looking at Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe haven, a new study suggests.The rise in the correlation between Bitcoin and gold (XAU) is one of the major indicators demonstrating investors’ confidence in BTC amid the ongoing economic downturn, according to digital

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