Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Implications for the Economy and Crypto Market” – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV and Jobs

The recent Federal Reserve decision to maintain interest rates as they were, has sparked conversations about its potential repercussions for both the broader economy and the cryptocurrency market. While industry experts suggest that crypto may remain relatively insulated from this decision, the central bank’s insights into the overall economic landscape

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European Crypto Asset Manager CoinShares (CS) to Enter U.S. Hedge Fund Market

"The long-awaited return of interest rate-driven volatility is a great opportunity that we plan to capture with our novel fund products," Lewis Fellas, CoinShares' hedge fund head, said in the statement. "Each product that will be offered is designed to mitigate counterparty risk whilst providing investors with clearly defined asset

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Signal hints at leaving UK market following passage of online safety bill

A bill aimed at regulating certain internet services in the United Kingdom, including activities in the metaverse, has passed through Parliament and awaits King Charles’ approval to become law. In a Sept. 19 announcement, the U.K. government said the Online Safety Bill had passed through a final debate in Parliament and

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