Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Bearish Sentiment Mounts As Bitcoin (BTC) Plunges Below $4,400

When an overwhelming number of cryptocurrency investors thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.Bitcoin (BTC), after falling under $5,800 on November 14th, continued lower on Monday and Tuesday morning, moving under a multitude of supposed support levels at $5,000, $4,800, and, most recently, $4,400. Altcoins, save for XRP, followed close behind ‘big daddy Bitcoin’,

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Analyst “Incredibly Bearish” On Bitcoin (BTC), $1,000 Possible

Regulators Will “Undoubtedly Burst Bitcoin, Crypto’s Balloon” After a multi-day bout of non-action, which followed Bitcoin (BTC)’s unexpected foray under $5,800 to establish a new year-to-date low, BTC and its altcoin brethren continued to sell-off into Monday. In a matter of hours, trading volume ramped up (yet again), with crypto investors rushing en-masse

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Ron Paul Poll: 50% Bullish On Bitcoin (BTC) As 10-Year Investment

Bitcoin (BTC) Wins Poll Against Gold, U.S. Bonds Ron Paul, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native and retired politician, has long been a progressive leader on America’s political stage. Over the course of his stints as a presidential candidate and congressman, Paul hasn’t been afraid to speak out on controversial, yet pertinent issues,

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Bitcoin “Isn’t Boring”: Bloomberg Analyst Makes $1,500 BTC Call

Crypto Investor On Bitcoin: “I Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night” “Bitcoin [is] no longer boring,” declared Bloomberg analysts/journalists Vildana Hajric and Olga Kharif in a recent piece on the crypto market. And, taking a look at the current state of cryptocurrency prices, it would appear that this is the case… unfortunately. As

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Pantera CEO: Bitcoin (BTC) Is A “Serial Killer,” Crypto To Reach Global Adoption

Despite Crypto Market Dump, Pantera’s Morehead Bullish On Bitcoin Bitcoin has long been touted as a viable alternative to centralized banking systems. As recently put by, Dan Morehead, the CEO at San Francisco-based Pantera Capital, in a Business News Network (Bloomberg) interview, Bitcoin isn’t just a “category killer,” but a “serial killer”

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Crypto Analysts Turn Bearish: Bitcoin (BTC) May Take “Months To Recover”

Crypto Market Stabilizes After Drop, Analysts Skeptical As reported by Ethereum World News previously, on Wednesday morning, the jaws of crypto investors worldwide hit the floor, as Bitcoin (BTC) tumbled under $5,800 for the first time in months. Altcoins weren’t far behind the leading crypto asset, which now sits under a

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