Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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POKKET Expands High-yield Savings Plan Range and Adds Stablecoin Options

POKKET, a platform that offers structured savings products for dozens of different cryptocurrency tokens, has just announced it will be expanding its range to support an additional 15 different ERC20 tokens.This update comes just weeks after POKKET passed more than $4 million in customer deposits – following dramatically increased demand

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OKEx Expands Its Crypto Options to Daily, Two-Day, and Monthly Options

OKEx, the second largest crypto options trading platform after Deribit, is expanding its options trading types.Starting July 24, OKEx features new crypto options trading opportunities including daily options, two-day options, and monthly options.OKEx now features seven expiration date optionsAnnouncing the news on Friday, OKEx said that the three new expiration

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