Monday, April 22, 2024
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Google DeepMind’s AI predicts 2 million novel chemical materials for real-world tech

Google DeepMind has utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to forecast the structure of over 2 million novel chemical materials, marking a breakthrough with potential applications for enhancing real-world technologies soon.In a scientific paper released in the Nature Journal on Wednesday, Nov. 29, the AI company owned by Alphabet reported that nearly

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Binance Futures Unveils Its Grand Trading Tournament with $2 Million USDT in Prize

Alongside the traditional trading competition, Binance futures participants can engage in a Copy Trading Competition and a Trading Bots Competition. On Monday, September 27, Binance Futures, the leading crypto derivatives exchange globally, has unveiled the highly anticipated Binance Futures Grand Trading Tournament. Boasting the largest prize pool in the tournament’s history,

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