Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Coinbase CEO asks community to support pro-crypto politicians

Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, has issued a call to action to the crypto community, asking it to support and vote for crypto-friendly politicians in the next United States elections. Armstrong’s clarion call The cryptocurrency industry is facing a lot of regulatory uncertainty in the United States, especially after the recent actions of

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Coinbase CEO calls for action in electing pro-crypto lawmakers following SEC Wells Notice

Brian Armstrong, the chief executive officer of United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has renewed calls for crypto users to “elect pro-crypto candidates.”In a March 23 Twitter Spaces discussion, Armstrong said Coinbase would be making efforts to organize the roughly 50 million U.S. citizens who use crypto into a political force.

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Coinbase and Algorand give divergent reasons for staking reward suspension

Algorand Foundation CEO Stacy Waden took to Twitter to confirm rumors about Coinbase's decision to discontinue Algorand (ALGO) staking rewards for retail customers. Coinbase and Algorand, however, cite different reasons for the move.According to Waden's tweet, Coinbase informed Algorand about the sudden termination of rewards for ALGO tokens on March

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