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New Trojan Attack Targets Mac Users to Steal Cryptocurrency

A new trojan attack using malware called GMERA is targeting cryptocurrency traders who use trading applications on Apple’s macOS.The internet security company ESET found that the malware comes integrated into legitimate-looking cryptocurrency trading applications and tries to steal users’ crypto funds from their wallets.Researchers at another cybersecurity firm Trend Micro

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The Fundamental Aspects Of Creating A Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

At a time when cryptocurrency is still finding its ways to become a mainstream mode of transaction, cryptocurrency exchanges might be a great alternative to finding a utility to this technological marvel.In addition to this inertia involved in acceptance, cryptocurrency mining also becomes increasingly difficult with every passing day as

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Hacken Released Security Standard For Cryptocurrency Exchanges

In general Cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to security attacks, since they are dealing with decentralized virtual currencies. Unlike the general fiat currencies, the method of payment and transactions are completely different from the traditional financial system. Cryptocurrency exchanges often rely on a centralized secured wallet storage, or an offline hardware

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