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Gold Correlation With Bitcoin is at 4 Year High, And It’s a High Bullish Sign

The correlation between gold and bitcoin has reached its highest levels since August 2016, according to a new study.Arcane Research, a cryptocurrency-focused data analysis firm, noted a steep direct proportionality between the two rival assets. In a report published on Friday, the firm mentioned that the correlation was “below zero

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Crypto Exchange Kraken: Law Enforcement Requests Hit a New High in 2019

In its usual manner, the highly popular crypto exchange Kraken just released its latest compliance team’s transparency report for last year. The 2019 transparency report is targeted at the global law enforcement requests for the just-concluded business year.Kraken happily took to its Twitter account to share a general picture of

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Bitcoin Hits 3-Week High Despite Strong Bearish Signs: Where is it Heading?

Bitcoin on Monday was trading above $7,500 as sellers showed signs of exhaustion near a crucial support area.The cryptocurrency could swell further to test $8,000-8,500 area, according to textbook technical indicators.A gap on the CME’s daily Bitcoin Futures chart hints a revisit to $7,200.Bitcoin opened this week at records as

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