Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Data challenges the DXY correlation to Bitcoin rallies and corrections ‘thesis’

Presently, there seems to be a general assumption that when the U.S. dollar value increases against other global major currencies, as measured by the DXY index, the impact on Bitcoin (BTC) is negative.Traders and influencers have been issuing alerts about this inverse correlation, and how the eventual reversal of the

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BNB rallies 39% despite smart contract deposits dropping 28% — Should investors be worried?

Cryptocurrencies’ total market capitalization bounced from $860 billion on June 30 to the current $1.03 trillion, a 20.6% relief in five weeks. Ether (ETH) might have been the absolute leader among the largest smart contract chains, but BNB managed to gain 39% over that period.BNB (blue) vs. Ether (orange), AVAX (cyan),

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Lido DAO most ‘overbought’ since April as LDO price rallies 150% in two weeks — what’s next?

The price of Lido DAO (LDO) dropped heavily a day after its key momentum oscillator crossed into "overbought" territory.LDO undergoes overbought correctionLDO's price plunged to as low as $1.04 on July 16 from $1.32 on July 15, amounting to a 20%-plus decline. The token's sharp downside move took its cues

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