Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Halsey Crumbles Under Absurd Demands for a ‘Trigger Warning’

This is an opinion. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Messenger Star singer Halsey recently posted a photo of herself with a caption explaining she had an eating disorder. Amid an apparent backlash from her following, she apologized for the lack of a ‘trigger warning.’ Trigger warning: this is getting ridiculous. Halsey tried to connect with

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Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Needs To Get His Story Straight On Bitcoin

Billionaire Paul Tudor-Jones is talking about bitcoin again. One of the all-time great investors, Tudor-Jones believes BTC is comparable to tech stocks in the 90s. Unfortunately, even the original cryptocurrency can’t be all things to all men. Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor-Jones believes Bitcoin may take up a position as the gold standard

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