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PayPal de-platforms conservative domain registrar over ‘alternative currency’

PayPal has terminated its services to domain registrar Epik, allegedly due to a risk of money laundering through its “alternative currency” Masterbucks, according to an article on Mashable.However, in a series of open letters, Robert Davis, Epik’s senior vice president of strategy and communications has suggested that the motive behind

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A conversation with Aavegotchi’s Jesse Johnson

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), once the red-headed stepchild to more popular smart contract implementations, are finally beginning to have their day in the sun. Average purchase prices of NFTs on peer-to-peer exchanges are rising sky-high. Six-figure sales are no longer uncommon. Dapper Labs, the minds behind the great-granddaddy of NFT collectible projects,

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Coinbase CEO prompts furious accusations of hypocrisy as he pushes political misinformation

Less than a month after Brian Armstrong declared Coinbase should “be laser focused on achieving its mission,” he seemingly violated his own policy by tweeting a political post riddled with falsehoods... during business hours. In an Oct. 23 tweet from Armstrong’s personal account, the Coinbase CEO posted a link to a

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