Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Minerals giant Norilsk Nickel joins Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network

"Mining" may be most frequently used in the crypto industry to refer to the process by which digital currencies are collectively generated — but there are contexts in which firms are adopting blockchain infrastructure to manage the most physical of mining supply chains.The Russian company Norilsk Nickel — the world’s largest

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The Ethereum network is being turbocharged by layer-two solutions

The number of decentralized exchanges running layer-two solutions is growing as the Ethereum network struggles to keep up with its own popularity.As excessive Ethereum gas prices continue to hamper smaller transactions and operations on the network, the number of faster and cheaper options continues to expand as layer-two adoption increases.

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UK Exchange CoinCorner Supports Bitcoin Lightning Network

Another crypto exchange has added support for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.U.K.-based CoinCorner debuted Lightning Network support for its users Tuesday. They can now deposit and withdraw bitcoin with the secondary network, a software stack that is built on top of Bitcoin’s core technology which facilitates cheap and fast transactions.“Lightning is the

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