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Ethereum’s Founder Joe Lubin Discusses ConsenSys, Ethereum 2.0 and China

In a rather lengthy but surprisingly interesting interview with Forbes, one of Ethereum’s founders, Joe Lubin, gave an in-depth insight into what Ethereum 2.0 is all about including the different stages associated with the project and how Ethereum 2.0 would change the world for good.One of the most fascinating points

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Ethereum Express Announces New Proof-of-Authority Consensus Model to Digitize Trust

Since the dawn of mankind, the issue of trust has been a determining factor in the relations between individuals, groups and even states. The evolution of trust is continuing with the development of ever more elaborate instruments that would ensure the fulfillment of obligations by parties to an agreement.The digital

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IDEX Claims Creation of ‘Infinite Scaling Solution for Ethereum’

IDEX, the decentralized exchange (DEX) responsible for over 40% of all DEX transactions, claims to have created an “infinite scaling solution” for the Ethereum network.1,000 times fasterIn an email sent to Cointelegraph, IDEX claims that its system, dubbed Optimized Optimistic Rollups (O2Rs), reaches block finality in 10 minutes. The

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