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Iran Proposes Rewards to Informers Against Illicit Crypto Mining

Iran has introduced a new policy, proposing that anyone who shares information about illegal and unauthorized mining of cryptocurrency in the country will receive a bounty. This was surfaced following the country’s new introduced regulations regarding the calculation of price of electricity that is utilized by crypto miners.Iran’s Energy Ministry’s

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What Powers China’s Crypto Mining Industry, and Is It Sustainable?

The cryptocurrency mining industry continues to grow daily, supported by a continuous stream of new and more efficient hardware. China is at the forefront of the industry, but as environmental concerns loom, the sustainability of their success is coming into question.Mining chip manufacturers, the most prolific of which are

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Crypto Mining Manufacturer Canaan Sets IPO Share at $9-$11; Seeks to Raise $100M

Crypto mining manufacturer Canaan Creative announced that it would endeavor to raise $100 million through its initial public offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq. According a report published by Renaissance Capital, Canaan seeks to distribute 10 million equity shares at a price between $9 and $11.Canaan creative is a cryptocurrency mining

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