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Iran Plans to Allow Crypto Mining, Central Bank of Iran Governor Says

Iranian authorities are planning to authorize cryptocurrency mining, as the governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) declared, news agency PressTV reported on July 10.CBI governor Abdol Hemmati reportedly claimed that the Iranian government has approved some parts of an executive law that would authorize mining of cryptocurrencies

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Chia Releases Green Paper Detailing Eco-Friendly Means of Crypto Mining

San Francisco-based tech firm Chia Network has released a green paper that describes an eco-friendly means of mining cryptocurrencies.The green paper provides a description of how proof of space and proof of time create a "Nakamoto-style" consensus algorithm for Chia’s blockchain. Specifically, Chia proposes to “farm” rather than mine

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Iranian Official Says US Congress is Working to Block Iran’s Crypto Mining

Saeed Zarandi, Iranian Assistant Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply, said that US Congress is working to stop Iran’s access to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) mining, as reported by local news service Al-Fars on July 6.According to Zarandi, Congress considers cryptocurrency a tool for evading sanctions and money laundering,

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