Friday, March 31, 2023
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How to mitigate the security risks associated with crypto payments

There are various security vulnerabilities associated with using cryptocurrencies as payment methods, including the possibility of theft, hacks and fraud. For instance, hackers can take advantage of flaws in exchanges, wallets and transactions. Additionally, consumers who are the targets of scams or fraudulent transactions have little redress because cryptocurrency

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FTX Debtors Reveal $6.8 Billion Hole in Balance Sheet Amidst Financial Discrepancies and Payments to Insiders – Bitcoin News

According to a presentation recently submitted by the FTX debtors on March 16, Sam Bankman-Fried’s companies had a $6.8 billion hole in their intercompany balance sheet when they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. FTX and its conglomerate of firms have debts of around $11.6 billion, including customer claims and

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Developed markets lagging behind in digital payments: BlackRock CEO

The CEO of American investment company BlackRock, Larry Fink, highlighted the potential of digital assets and tokenization for the asset management industry in his annual chairman’s letter to the company. The letter was published on March 15 and addressed various topics of interest to the firm over the last year, including

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