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If Real, Booming Crypto Volume Could Push Bitcoin Into “Raging Bull Market”

At long last, the crypto market has started to undergo drastic fluctuations. Following weeks of remaining in a lull-esque state, Bitcoin (BTC) broke out of its bear market shell in early-February, posting gains backed by notable levels of volume.While a substantial amount of time has passed since the aggregate value

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Bitfury Releases New Set of Tools Aiming to Push the Adoption of Bitcoin Lightning Network

Photo: The Bitfury Group / TwitterNo matter how great is the concept behind seamless Bitcoin payments handled on the immutable blockchain network, it won’t be massively adopted until its major bugs that are hindering user experience would be eliminated. Prominent Bitcoin-related enterprises spur millions of dollars and workforce grappling

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Vitalik Buterin Donates $300K in Crypto in a Bid to Push Ethereum 2.0 Development

Photo: UnsplashThe genius creator of Ethereum has donated 3000 ETH worth over $300,000 to developers to focus on scaling solutions for Ethereum 2.0. He donated 1,000 ETH grants to three projects: Prysmatic Labs, ChainSafe Systems and Sigma Prime.Prysmatic Labs is working on the sharding client for Ethereum 2.0 whereas

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