Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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We Have to Rely on 70-Year-Old Case Law to Determine What’s a Security or Commodity – Regulation Bitcoin News

The chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) says his agency and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) “have to rely on 70-year-old case law to determine what’s a security or a commodity.” He stressed that the SEC and CFTC are working together to regulate the crypto space, noting

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Cryptos Yo-Yo After Hawkish Rate Hike; Ether’s Price Is Down, Regulators May Soon Be Circling. What’s Next for Post-Merge Ethereum?

“(There’s) the possibility of recognizing ETH as a security token. On the one hand, after the transition to PoS, the coin will have signs of security, such as, for example, the expectation of making a profit. And many financiers say that such an outcome is possible, " Serhii Zhdanov, CEO

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What’s next for Bitcoin and the crypto market now that the Ethereum Merge is over?

The Ethereum Merge came and went, leaving investors to ponder what the next trending development in the market could look like. In a Cryptox Twitter Space with Capriole Fund founder Charles Edwards, the analyst mentioned that excitement over the Ethereum Merge and its bullish price action had somewhat been holding

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