Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Sony eyes NFT transfers across multiple game platforms, reveals patent

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the video game goliath running the PlayStation brand, filed a patent for a framework allowing users to transfer and utilize nonfungible tokens (NFTs) across multiple game platforms. Over several years, Sony’s interest in crypto has been evidenced by numerous partnerships and trademark registrations. Adding to this list, Sony

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Improving Bitcoin NFT marketplace infrastructure sets the stage for ecosystem growth

Bitcoin NFT inscription activity has remained strong with consistency in the daily number of NFTs inscribed on Bitcoin. At the same time, the infrastructure to foster Bitcoin trading is finally coming together with the development of wallets and marketplaces supporting Ordinals.NFT marketplaces, Gamma and Magic Eden, added support for Bitcoin

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SVB collapse chilled NFT trading volumes: Nifty Newsletter, March 15–21

SVB collapse chilled NFT trading volumes: DappRadarThe recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) resulted in dwindling numbers for NFT trading volumes, with traders holding on to their assets amid the banking crisis in the United States.Before the crisis, NFT trading volumes were around $68 million to $74 million.

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