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Elon Musk Soars Past Warren Buffett to Become Seventh Richest Man

Tesla’s mammoth growth in 2020 has helped Elon Musk to add over $43 billion to his personal fortune just in the last six months. C

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I’m Scared the Cole Sprouse Allegations Could Kill the #MeToo Movement

Cole Sprouse was accused of sexual assault. The “Riverdale” star immediately denied the claims. Subsequent revelations about the accuser spell trouble for the #MeToo movement. Cole Spro...

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Credit Suisse’s Shocking U-Turn on the Stock Market

Credit Suisse’s Jonathan Golub–one of Wall Street’s most bearish strategists–has raised his forecast for the U.S. stock market. Downside risks are “less ominous,” says Golub, thanks to ...

You’re in For a Rude Awakening With Hertz

Millennials have been pouring money into bankrupt stock Hertz. Day traders who speculated on Hertz could lose all their money as Morgan Stanley expects $0 as the base case scenario for ...

New Housing Market Data Is Perilously Ugly

The U.S. housing market just got its ugliest batch of pandemic-tainted data yet. Existing home sales fell 9.7% in May – and crashed a staggering 26.6% annually. Here’s why economists re...

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