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Strong Barriers at $8,500, But Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls are Firm

Bitcoin (BTC) stable and rangingThe US SEC delays VanEck Bitcoin ETF decision date by another three monthsBulls are resilience, an

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‘Expert’ Says Startups Should Go All-In on Blockchain

By CCN: Bernhard Schroeder, an educational director of entrepreneur programs at San Diego State, implores entrepreneurs and investors to focus on the blockchain, rather than Bitcoin.In a new

Dutch Multi City Blockchain Week to be First of its Kind with Events Hosted All Over the Country

Dutch Blockchain Week that will be held from the 2nd until the 7th of June 2019, will also be the first of its kind with events hosted not just in one city, but in seven cities all across...

Microsoft’s Blockchain Obsession, Including ID Push, Is Good for Bitcoin

By CCN: Does Microsoft consider blockchain to be the strongest technology in the world? Who knows, but they sure seem to recognize its growing mainstream status and view it as a potential mo

Canadian Blockchain Expert Alex Tapscott and NextBlock Global Limited to Pay $1M for Misleading Investors

About Richard KasteleinFounder and publisher of industry publication Blockchain News (EST 2015), a partner at ICO services collective Token.Agency ($750m+ and 90+ ICOs and STOs), director of

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