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Tron’s Super Amazing Blockchain Risked Being Crashed by a Single PC

By CCN: According to The Next Web and explosive data from HackerOne, a security bounty website, a single computer could have shut down the Tron network by draining the cryptocurrency network’s resources.Bytecode Attack Threatened to Bring Tron to Its KneesWe could dub the vulnerability a “bytecode” attack. The method involves

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin is Most Likely to Become Internet’s Single Native Currency

Photo: JD Lasica / FlickrBitcoin, just like most of the other major cryptocurrencies, has had a troubled start to 2019. Many analysts and commentators predict that the long-running Bitcoin bear market could run on well into most of 2019. However, not everybody is predicting gloom and doom for bitcoin.

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