Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Nevada Woman Charged in Bitcoin Murder-for-Hire as a Mystery Hacker Again Turns Tipster

A Nevada woman is facing federal charges for allegedly paying a darkweb hitman $5,000 worth of bitcoin to murder her ex-husband in a case that shares striking parallels with another recent murder-for-hire plot. The charges demonstrate how individuals who view bitcoin as a gateway to criminal dealings –

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South Korean Government Turns to Blockchain Tech to More Securely Store Clinical Diabetes Data

The South Korean government wants to develop a blockchain registry to help analyze, anonymize and store clinical data for diabetes. Blockchain startup Sendsquare has been selected by the government to develop a proof-of-concept project for the nation, which has around 3.6 million people with diabetes, the company announced on Friday. The startup

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Driven by Financial Institutions, Stablecoin Acceptance Turns a Corner

Major financial institutions love certainty, and that will help the crypto community immensely. Let’s get down to basics: A stablecoin is a type of digital asset designed to solve the problem of the hypervolatility of cryptocurrencies.This year is an exciting time for stablecoins as interest among financial institutions picks up

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