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Analyst: 4 Factors Show Ethereum Can Rally Further After 180% Surge

Ethereum has seen extremely strong performance since the capitulation lows seen in March, outpacing a majority of top cryptocurrencies. According to data from TradingView, the largest altcoin has gained approximately 180% since mid-March. For some context, over that same period, Bitcoin rallied by a relatively measly 145%. Ethereum’s recent inability to pass

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Frustrations Over Ethereum 2.0 Delay Eased by Matic Testnet Speed

Matic Network, the Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, revealed the results of their Counter Stake testnet stress testing. Over an uninterrupted two month period, the team claims the network achieved speeds of up to 7,200 transactions per second (TPS). What’s more, this occurred under decentralized conditions. “During stress testing, 122 validators

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Researcher Hopes Cosmos-style ‘Checkpoint’ Could Fix Ethereum’s Data Problem

Ethereum developers are aspiring to launch Eth 2.0 in 2020. But that doesn’t mean all the technical details have been spelled out yet. The sum of account balances maintained by the network’s nodes – called the state – continues to grow larger and larger as applications and projects transact. Adoption is

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