Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Here’s how two 2012 memos can turn the tide in the milestone crypto case

Ripple’s court battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has recently seen new developments that, according to some observers, could foreshadow an impending resolution of this massively consequential case. Feb. 17 marks the deadline for Ripple to unseal a series of 2012 documents whose contents will likely sway

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Bulls aim to turn the tide in Friday’s $580M options expiry after BTC tops $43K

Bitcoin (BTC) investors seem uncomfortable with adding positions after the most recent 40% correction from the $69,000 all-time high made on Nov. 10. In addition to the prolonged downtrend, remarks from the United States Federal Reserve on Dec. 15 about rising interest rates are also weighing on risk-on assets.The Fed

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In the Battle Against Censorship, This Project Turns the Tide on the Big Tech Monopoly

ArGoApp provides a one-stop-shop for websites and applications to deploy on a censorship-resistant blockchain with 100% uptime When it comes to freedom of speech, concerns over censorship have been gradually rising over the years, with the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple and Alibaba tightening their grip over the technology industry

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