Friday, December 1, 2023
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Crypto analyst blasts Kraken lawsuit as SEC’s money grab, criticizes attacks on ADA

In a YouTube published video yesterday, crypto analyst The Luckside Crypto host reacted strongly to news that the SEC has sued crypto exchange Kraken. The analyst expressed disbelief, stating “I can’t believe we are still having these discussions.” He claims the SEC alleges no fraud, manipulation, customer harm or security issues

Read More adds new security upgrade in wake of SIM-swap attacks

The team behind the decentralized social media platform has added a new security feature amid attempts to stem a flood of SIM-swap attacks targeting its users.“You can now add a 2FA password to your account for additional protection if your cell carrier or email service becomes compromised,” the team

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What are address poisoning attacks in crypto and how to avoid them?

Address poisoning attacks are malicious tactics used by attackers who can reroute traffic, interrupt services, or obtain unauthorized access to sensitive data by inserting bogus data or changing routing tables. The integrity of data and network security are seriously threatened by these assaults, which take advantage of flaws in network

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Firms have mere hours to deflect cyber attacks, warns cybersecurity CEO

Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora has urged companies to modernize their cybersecurity systems, cautioning that bad actors have become much faster at breaching company defenses than ever before. Speaking to Jim Cramer on CNBC’s “Mad Money” on Aug. 21, the cybersecurity firm CEO said that companies with outdated security systems

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