Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Analysis: Here’s Why JP Morgan Is Launching Its Own Centralized Crypto Asset

Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JP Morgan Chase, has long been a skeptic of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. After calling the flagship crypto asset a “fraud,” remarking that it’s much worse than the tulip bulb bubble of yesteryear, Dimon remarked that he doesn’t give a single sh*t about the project.But,

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Crypto Pioneer Mark Jeffrey is Sure that Bitcoin will Reach $250k, and Here’s Why

Photo: Mark Jeffrey / FacebookJeffrey remarked that cryptocurrencies are much like the early Dotcom industry, echoing remarks made by a number of analysts, such as Meltem Demirors. Yet, he noted that this budding space is compressed time-wise in comparison to Dotcom, explaining that development in this space is four

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Litecoin Price Leaps 11% – Here’s What’s Fueling the LTC Rally

Litecoin on Saturday surged more than 11 percent against the US dollar, setting a fresh 2019 peak. The litecoin-to-dollar rate established an intraday high at $37.539 on a bounce from near-term ascending trendline support. The “digital silver” cryptocurrency since December 27 was consolidating inside a strict range much like its peers

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