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Bitcoin Rise May Appeal to Investors amidst Intensifying Geopolitical Risks

The bitcoin price has soared this week on the prospects of Fed rate cut, the Facebook coin, and uncertainty due to the US-China trade war.The world’s leading cryptocurrency rallied on Saturday, with its price flying past the $10,000 level for the first time since March 8 last year. Investors allegedly bid

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Blockchain and Crypto Jobs are on the rise

Jobs in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sectors are booming, Ethereum development organization ConsenSys said in its blog post. As the blockchain industry continues to see vast expansion all over the world, it has resulted in concurrent growth in the blockchain job market. Blockchain startups, large blockchain-based enterprises and infrastructural projects are recruiting staff

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Upcoming Supply Cut Will See Bitcoin Prices Rise Further, Brian Kelly Predicts

An upcoming supply cut could help bitcoin (BTC) prices rise further in the coming months, crypto fund manager Brian Kelly told CNBC on May 21.Speaking to the Fast Money program, he explained that “the halvening,” next due to take place in 2020, will see mining rewards cut in half.With many miners now hoarding

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