Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Bitrace highlights rising crypto fraud risk as trading platforms introduce web3 wallets

The integration of web3 wallets into mainstream trading platforms heralds a new era in digital finance, blending the realms of cefi and defi while also raising concerns about increased vulnerability to crypto fraud. According to Bitrace and WuBlockchain, the integration of web3 wallets into mainstream trading platforms like OKX and Binance

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Fireblocks launches trading system to mitigate centralized exchange risk

Multi-party computation (MPC) wallet provider Fireblocks has released a new trading system for institutions that use centralized exchanges, according to a Nov. 28 announcement. Called “Off Exchange,” the new system allows institutional traders to swap tokens without first depositing them on the exchange. Fireblocks claimed this system would help to

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Changpeng Zhao’s legal team suggests home detention, says he is not a flight risk

Changpeng Zhao’s defense team advocates for combined home detention and community confinement, emphasizing his willingness to take responsibility for Binance’s criminal charges.  Following the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) criminal charges of Binance, and Changpeng Zhao’s guilty plea, Zhao’s defense team opposed the government’s motion for him to remain in the

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