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Buying Bitcoin (BTC) Is Investing and Saving for Retirement

When talking about retirement investments, people usually focus on stocks. However, Bitcoin is proving to be a better retirement investment asset, even ahead of stocks, commodities, and other traditional investment vehicles. BTC Perception Is Improving Bitcoin’s popularity continues to grow all over the globe, despite the current bear cycle still keeping prices down. A research carried out

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Hedge Fund Bitcoin Buying Spree Accelerated 2400% in Q1: Grayscale

By CCN: The bitcoin price enjoyed a wildly-bullish start to 2019, and the flagship cryptocurrency’s winning streak shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.Hedge Funds Headline 42% Increase in Grayscale InflowsWhile cryptocurrency remains a retail-dominated market, data from investment firm Grayscale reveals that institutional investors continue to ramp up

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NYSE Owner is Buying Bitcoin at Cheap Prices Ahead of Bakkt Launch

By CCN.com: The bitcoin bear market of 2018 was a disaster for most crypto fans, but it was a boon for the highly-anticipated cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt. That’s the opinion of NYSE chairman Jeffrey Sprecher, the CEO of Bakkt’s parent company, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).Sprecher’s ICE — along with Microsoft, Starbucks,

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