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On the 12th Day Coinbase Donates $25,000 Worth of Bitcoin to Help Domestic Violence Victims

Photo: The Coinbase BlogFrom Coinbase they said in their blog:“We are thinking deeply about our role in building an open financial system. We do that by highlighting a variety of developments in crypto and impacting the future of blockchain development.”Throughout the 12 Days of Coinbase, they’ve been donating crypto

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US Government Tells Bitcoin Bomb Scam Victims to Inform FBI, Not Pay Ransom Money

A suspected scam which threatens to blow up buildings unless recipients pay a Bitcoin (BTC) ransom caught the attention of the United States’ government Dec. 13.The scam, which centers on anonymous emails demanding payment of $20,000 in Bitcoin or face a “mercenary” detonating a device in “your building,” has appeared

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Brazil Tops List of Cryptojacking Coinhive Victims, Iranian Cybersecurity Authority Warns

The highest number of recorded incidents of Coinhive cryptojacking software have taken place in Brazil, Iran’s country’s cybersecurity authority revealed in a report Monday, October 8.According to the Iranian authority’s report on malware in 2017, Brazil, the country with the most reported cases, has been hit over 81,000 times by

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Bitcoin Scammer Offers to Return Initial Investments of his Victims

Amit Bhardwaj, the arrested self-proclaimed Bitcoin entrepreneur accused of duping thousands by promising hefty returns on Bitcoin investment, has told investigators that he is willing to return the principal amount owed to investors. However, Bhardwaj refused the allegation that he promised his investors a guaranteed profit all the times. The

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