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Crypto influencer warns Ethereum fees will drive users away

Prominent crypto influencer Lark Davis, or “The Crypto Lark,” has warned that Ethereum’s competitors will continue to syphon away users should Eth2 fail to launch soon amid ever-increasing gas fees.Despite predicting five-figure Ether prices in 2021, Davis’ Feb. 19 video, Davis asserts Ethereum’s skyrocketing fees has meant that only “rich

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DeFi aggregator 1inch stages new ‘vampire airdrop’ to Uniswap users

The 1inch.exchange protocol, a platform that aggregates decentralized exchanges and provides its own automated market maker, is airdropping a new stash of its 1INCH tokens.The airdrop follows the initial generation of the new tokens on Christmas, which were distributed to past users of the aggregator. A common point of contention

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Privacy in blockchain and crypto is a major concern for users, study reveals

To better understand user behavior and sentiment regarding transactions and privacy on the blockchain, Manta Network ran a survey in December 2020 studying user trust regarding privacy on the blockchain, as well as centralized and decentralized exchanges. The 2021 Privacy & Trust on Cryptocurrency Exchanges report examines the drivers behind user

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