Thursday, June 1, 2023
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A House Bill Would Make It Harder for the SEC to Argue Crypto Tokens Are Securities

The distinction is important because today, unlike the initial coin offerings (ICOs) of the past, many development teams that are interested in launching a token in the U.S. raise funds in SEC-compliant securities offerings using Regulation D (Reg D) offerings, an exemption from SEC registration typically associated with a public

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Could Ben.eth’s PSYOP tokens face legal scrutiny? It depends, say lawyers

Ben.eth, the pseudo-anonymous memecoin creator behind at least three controversial token launches in recent weeks could fall under the crosshair of United States regulators, crypto lawyers suggest.A previously little-known personality in the crypto community, Ben.eth has seen his Twitter following blow up nearly five-fold in May. The influencer has launched

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Deposit suspensions hit bridged tokens pending multichain team’s clarification

Share Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Telegram Copy Link Link copied In response to a series of transaction issues that raised concerns about the Multichain (MULTI) protocol, leading crypto exchange Binance has temporarily suspended deposits for 10 bridged tokens as of May 25. Affected token pairs include polkastarter

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