Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Number of Ether Staked Has Surged By 4.4 Million Since Shapella Upgrade

The recently enabled withdrawal flexibility in ETH staking, courtesy of the Shapella upgrade, mitigates its perceived risk for many investors," Bitfinex's analysts noted. "Prior to this upgrade, potential stakeholders may have been deterred from staking their ETH tokens due to concerns about their funds being locked for an unacceptably long

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Grayscale and Bitwise distance themselves from Ether futures ETF plans

Two prominent crypto asset managers, namely Grayscale and Bitwise, have put a halt on their ETH futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) plans amid growing scrutiny from United States regulators.Grayscale filed an amendment to its Securities and Exchange Commission filing on May 17 to remove mentions of Ethereum futures ETF. The amendment

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