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Bitcoin Bears Fail Miserably in Stopping Huge Institutional Demand For Crypto

As much as some cynics, such as traditional investor Mark Dow, like to paint it, institutions are heavily invested in the crypto space already. Sure, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) recently divulged that it intends to put its Bitcoin (BTC) futures vehicle on the backburner, but investment statistics accentuate

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Private, Enterprise Blockchains ‘Make No Sense’ and Are Set to Fail: Abra CEO

The idea of private blockchains, such as enterprise blockchain platforms, will eventually “fail miserably,” the CEO of Abra said during Fortune’s “Balancing The Ledger” show on Feb. 25.Bill Barhydt, CEO of cryptocurrency wallet and investing app Abra, has argued that the idea of a truly decentralized cryptocurrency contradicts the notion

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KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Removes 10 Tokens As They Fail to Maintain Listing Criteria

KucoinSingaporean crypto exchange KuCoin has announced the delisting of 10 cryptocurrency projects under its Special Treatment Rule framework designed to ensure that only projects that meet and maintain certain criteria are listed on the platform. In an announcement posted on its official website on December 21, the exchange revealed that

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