Friday, December 1, 2023
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Blockchain devs expect complications from EU smart contract kill switch

The Data Act — a contentious piece of European Union legislation that includes a clause requiring the ability to terminate smart contracts — has been approved by the European Parliament. If introduced, the legislation will require a smart contract to have a “kill switch.”In a Nov. 9 press release, the parliament

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JPMorgan Says Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) Can Expect Significant Outflows on ETH Approval

If the entire $2.7 billion exits the bitcoin market, it would exert significant downward pressure on bitcoin prices, the authors stated. However, if most of this $2.7 billion transitions into other bitcoin instruments, such as the newly established spot bitcoin ETFs post SEC approval, the negative market impact would be

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Expect some crypto companies to fail in the wake of Bitcoin’s halving

As we approach Bitcoin's (BTC) halving in April, a phenomenon that historically triggers significant market shifts, companies within the space are at a critical juncture. This event is surrounded by speculation and strategic planning, and for some, a sense of uncertainty. While it's laden with opportunities, it's vital for businesses

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