Saturday, October 31, 2020
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How Lengthening Bitcoin Cycles Conflict With Halving Driven Supply Theories

Bitcoin is at a critical junction. A breakout into a new bull market here backs up the stock-to-flow theory and other halving and supply-driven expectations. Others believe in lengthening cycles between each major peak as adoption takes place and volatility decreases. However, the lengthening cycle theory coming true would essentially put

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Bitcoin Social Media Sentiment Declines As Halving Fails to Trigger Price Surge

The volume of Bitcoin positive sentiments on the popular microblogging platform Twitter has faced a decline since the BTC’s third halving event in May 2020. This could be as a result of the price of Bitcoin not reaching the expected surge following the halving. Bitcoin Sentiment Experiences Significant Dip Post-2020 Halving According

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