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Advocacy Groups Call on Congress to Stop Libra Development Until July Hearings Take Place

Over 30 advocacy groups have appeared as signatories on a request that Congress and regulators implement an official moratorium on Libra development, as per the letter published on July 2.The letter was also addressed to Facebook, with Mark Zuckerberg himself cc’d, and asked that the social media giant wait

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Binance to Stop Serving US Traders Following Announcement of US-Dedicated Platform

Major crypto exchange Binance announced today, June 14, that it has updated its terms of use, which notably includes a restriction of services to United States-based individual and corporate traders. The restriction follows yesterday’s news that the company is launching a separate, fully regulated fiat-to-crypto platform for the U.S.

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Crypto Project Takes on ‘Nonethical Hackers’ With Tech to Stop 51% Attacks

A crypto platform says “pioneering technology” known as command chain protocol (C2P) is going to be instrumental in ensuring the industry is protected with strong security in the future.ILCoin says C2P was designed to prevent 51% attacks — one of the biggest risks that cryptocurrencies face today. This is

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