Monday, May 27, 2024
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Ethereum price falls as regulatory worries and pause in DApp use impact investor sentiment

Ether (ETH) is struggling to maintain the $2,000 support as of Nov. 27, following its third unsuccessful attempt in 15 days to surpass the $2,100 mark. This downturn in Ether's performance comes as the broader cryptocurrency market sentiment deteriorates, thus one needs to analyze whether It’s possible that recent developments, such

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BTC Price’s 3-Week Consolidation Under $38K Builds Bullish Sentiment

"Bitcoin bounces around in an ascending channel, hitting its three-week upper resistance of $37.8K on Wednesday evening. An intensifying sell-off thwarts attempts to heat the price, but the pullbacks have become less deep over the past three weeks, suggesting the building up of bullish sentiment," Alex Kuptsikevich, a senior market

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Bitcoin price holds $28K range as institutional investor maneuvering boosts sentiment

Bitcoin (BTC) price continues to show strength this week by hitting an intra-day high at $28,516 even as macroeconomic headwinds in the United States continue to weigh on investor sentiment. It’s possible that a certain degree of BTC’s price stability can be attributed to increasing institutional activity and positive institutional

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