Friday, December 1, 2023
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SEC still looking for potential FTX-style fraud at Binance.US: Report

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is still looking for evidence that Binance.US had a backdoor to potentially control customer assets in a similar style to FTX, according to a Nov. 27 report by the Wall Street Journal.In June, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Binance and Binance.US, alleging

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Binance.US asks users to convert USD into stablecoins for withdrawals

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance.US has updated its terms of service, hinting that direct withdrawals in United States dollars are no longer supported on the platform.Binance.US updated its terms of service on Oct. 16, modifying the section about the “BAM Fiat Wallet,” referring to Binance.US services related to U.S. dollar custody.In the

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Binance.US unveils new token listing policy, with SUI under evaluation

Binance.US introduces a transparent pre-announcement strategy for potential asset listings, with Sui token currently under evaluation. Leading crypto exchange Binance.US is introducing a novel approach to how it selects digital assets for listing on its trading platform. The platform has shifted towards pre-announcing certain tokens that it is actively evaluating for

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