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Research Claims EOS Network Can Freeze, Block.one Denies Any Errors

Within the past few weeks, EOS blockchain protocol users have been experiencing periodic problems with network access. A recent article written by pseudonymous smart-contract developer and security engineer Dexaran described the apparent root of the problem: an inexpensive technique that allows hackers to “congest” the network — or put

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SEC Asset Freeze Caused ‘Significant Harm’ to Holders, Says Veritaseum

The chief defendant in an alleged $15 million initial coin offering (ICO) fraud case has submitted a formal reply to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On Aug. 20, Reginald Middleton shared a copy of a memorandum of law against the agency’s application for a preliminary injunction to

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Australian Federal Court Imposes Travel Ban, Fund Freeze on Bitconnect Promoter

The Federal Court of Australia has imposed a travel ban and frozen the funds of John Bigatton, a promoter of reported $2.6 billion Ponzi scheme Bitconnect, daily newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald reports on Jan. 5.Bigatton is reportedly listed as a director and shareholder of BitConnect International Plc and the

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