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Watch Out! $375,000 of Cryptopia’s Stolen Ether on the Move

By CCN: Whale Alert, an account which automatically and manually notes large crypto transfers for Twitter followers, stated this morning that slightly more than $250,000 of stolen Cryptopia ether moved today.$250k Parked, $125k Moved to EtherDelta1,000 ether moved to 0x7d90b19c1022396b525c64ba70a293c3142979b7, an address which holds no other tokens. Roughly the same

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China’s New Anti-Crypto Move: Ban Bitcoin Mining to Save Environment

The major economic body of China suggests crypto mining should be banned along with other ‘environment harming’ industries On Monday, April 8, the National development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China suggested an updated list of industries that should receive the government’s support, restriction or be eliminated in the near future. Crypto mining

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