Friday, December 9, 2022
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First time Bear market? Advice from Bitcoin Bull Michael Saylor

First-time bear market? It’s also the first Bitcoin (BTC) bear market for Michael Saylor, one of the world’s biggest Bitcoin bulls. Executive chairman of one of the world’s largest pro-Bitcoin companies, Saylor took a moment out of his busy schedule at the Los Angeles Pacific Bitcoin conference to speak with Cointelegraph.

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Bitcoin analysts map out the key bull and bear cases for BTC’s price action

Research has detailed Bitcoin’s recent record-low volatility and while traders expect an eventual price breakout, the Oct. 26 BTC price move to $21,000 is not yet being interpreted as confirmation that $20,000 has now become support. In a recent “The Week On-chain Newsletter,” Glassnode analysts mapped out a bull case and

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Bitcoin 2021 bull market buyers ‘capitulate’ as data shows 50% losses

Bitcoin's (BTC) spot trading below $20,000 is seeing a new “capitulation” event encompassing an entire year’s worth of buyers, research reveals.In one of its Quicktake market updates on Sept. 29, on-chain analytics platform CryptoQuant flagged intense selling by a large number of recent hodlers.2021 bull market coins "have been sold

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