Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Bitcoin Miners Aren’t Responsible for Recent Price Dips, Data Shows

“Miners are selling” is a popular trope used to explain bitcoin’s occasional downward price action. But on-chain data doesn’t support this narrative, according to analysts and mining pools themselves.After bitcoin’s correction earlier this week to the tune of nearly 30%, miners were a popular scapegoat. But miners have been extremely consistent

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‘Bitcoin liquidity crisis’ — BTC is becoming harder to buy on exchanges, data shows

Bitcoin is becoming more difficult to buy, according to analysts at Glassnode. The amount of BTC received and spend among entities is decreasing, which means the liquidity is declining.If Bitcoin (BTC) liquidity is low, it means there is less BTC available to buy and sell. In the medium term, this

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Record $7.9B Bitcoin futures open interest shows bears are watching BTC price

Today Bitcoin (BTC) price blasted through the $20,000 level and in the process, a record $7.9 billion in futures open interest was set. Although the price increased by 74% over the past two months, the total accumulated short-seller liquidations amounted to $4.3 billion, which is lower than the $4.8 billion

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