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U.S. Recession Trigger Flashes Red – MIT Scientists Give It 6 Months

The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note has fallen below the yield on the 3-month T-bill, stoking fresh recession talk. Long-duration bond yields are plunging on growing haven demand as coronavirus infects over 73,000 people. Researchers at MIT have used a scientific model to predict the likelihood of recession. The results

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Is Walmart’s Overvalued Stock an Omen for Recession?

Walmart’s fourth-quarter results were a disappointment. Both top and bottom line numbers fell short of analyst expectations. Despite the obvious business slowdown, Walmart’s stock remains near its all-time high. Walmart’s stock price is becoming increasingly divorced from business fundamentals. This may be evidence that the wider market rally is nearing its end. Walmart

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Warren Buffett’s Stock Moves Warn of Looming Recession for U.S. Economy

Berkshire Hathaway has moved into defensive stocks as stakes in recession-prone companies were cut. Warren Buffett’s heavy exposure to financials is now lower. Charlie Munger recently warned of “lots of troubles” ahead for the economy. Warren Buffett’s most recent stock purchases point to growing concerns that an economic downturn is right ahead. A Feb.

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