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Celo’s Blockchain Accelerator Invites Devs to Compete for $25K

Open-source project Celo is calling on blockchain innovators to participate in CeloCamp, an entrepreneurial initiative that seeks to highlight the potential of global financial inclusion, mass adoption of digital money and the acceleration of blockchain startups.With its new phase announced on March 20, the initiative is reportedly backed by

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Rwanda Blockchain School to Launch in 2020 for Devs, Professionals

The Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) will open Rwanda’s ostensibly first blockchain school in 2020, offering five new courses for local developers, professionals and policymakers.In an interview with CryptoX on Dec. 26, ABI Executive Director, Kayode Babarinde, revealed that the new school has five key courses in the pipeline: a

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Cryptojacking Malware Devs Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

From its founding in 2007 to its members’ apprehension and eventual extradition in late 2016, the Bayrob Group, which operated out of Bucharest, Romania, ran a sprawling hacking and malware operation. They deployed trojan malware in seemingly mundane emails from well-known companies and groups, but when victims attempted to download attachments

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