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Here’s Why Big Rate Cuts Won’t Stop the Dow From Plunging Into a Bear Market

History shows that emergency interest rate cuts precede a bear market. WHO issues new guidance regarding the mortality rate of COVID-19 (coronavirus). A new study estimates that the virus could easily halve economic growth this year. The Federal Reserve shocked market participants on Tuesday after announcing an aggressive 50-point

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Semiconductor Giant AMD Cuts Marketing Deal with Blockchain Games Distribution Platform Ultra to Push Next-generation Blockchain-powered Gaming

AMD, the global leader in the GPU market and world’s second-largest supplier of x86-based microprocessors and Intel rival has cut a deal with a wee Estonian startup called  Ultra as a part of its ongoing mission to democratize the games industry for developers and players. “AMD is excited about the use

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Circle Cuts Another 10 Employees, Rejects Connection to CEO Stepping Down

Payments company Circle has reportedly laid off another ten employees, following the news that its CEO Sean Neville quit his position — events that the firm says are unlinked.On Dec. 11, a Circle representative told CryptoX ”we've streamlined some departments and eliminated about 10 roles.” The spokesperson confirmed that

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