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YouTube Blocks Cointelegraph’s Bitcoin Halving Livestream

YouTube blocked Cryptox’s live stream of the Bitcoin halving event. YouTube is known to do the same with other cryptocurrency-related content providers.YouTube yesterday canceled Cryptox’s Bitcoin halving live stream. This occurred as the cryptocurrency news outlet was already over six hours and forty-two minutes into the event. Sources say that

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KuCoin Exchange Blocks Crypto Wallet Allegedly Involved in RChain Token Scam

Singapore-based crypto exchange KuCoin has blocked a crypto wallet that is allegedly involved in a recent RChain (RHOC) token scam, RChain wrote in a blog post on April 26.RChain, the blockchain firm behind RHOC coin, informed its users that the company suffered a scam involving an escrow transaction containing

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Major Web Browser Firefox by Mozilla Now Blocks Web-Based Cryptojacking

Major open-source browser Mozilla Firefox has launched new protections against crypto mining malware in its new browser versions, according to a blog post published on April 9.In its latest Firefox Nightly 68 and Beta 67 versions, Mozilla has enabled a new level of protection against crypto mining and fingerprinting

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