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Google Search Query ‘Bitcoin Halving’ Reached Unprecedented Popularity, BTC Below $9,700

Such wordings as “Bitcoin halving date”, “what is Bitcoin halving”, and “Bitcoin halving countdown” are extremely popular for Google search. Just 2 days are left before the big event. BTC price is below $9,700.This year, “Bitcoin halving” has been an extremely popular search query for Google. Since the previous record

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Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Euphoria Kicks In, Trending on Google

The long-awaited third block reward halving is less than a month away for Bitcoin, and sentiment indicators are pumping through the roof. Google searches for “Bitcoin halving” have seen an exponential increase in 2020, as per The Next Web, April 15, 2020. Sentiment Aloft The supply reduction that comes through as a result of Bitcoin’s

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