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US Treasury Secretary Says Cash Is Not Laundered As Much As Bitcoin Is

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the authority will be preventing Bitcoin (BTC) from becoming an “equivalent of Swiss-numbered bank accounts.”U.S. secretary of the treasury to closely monitor Bitcoin regardless of priceIn a press briefing reported by CNBC on July 18, Mnuchin criticized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as they

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Buterin Proposes Bitcoin Cash Integration to Scale Ethereum in Short Term

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has proposed to use the Bitcoin Cash blockchain as a temporary scalability solution for the Ethereum network. The programmer introduced a summary of the idea in a July 13 post on the Ethereum Research.As previously reported, the Ethereum network has experienced some scalability issues, with

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Coinsquare invests in Just Cash, a company that turns regular ATMs into crypto ATMs

Canadian digital currency exchange Coinsquare has made a controlling investment in Just Cash, a company that creates software that turns regular ATMs into crypto ATMs. A routine software update will essentially turn a traditional ATM into a crypto ATM to dispense Bitcoins. Just Cash’s software will enable any normal fiat-based ATM

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