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Survey Reveals 87% of IT Professionals Are Concerned With Cryptojacking

Singapore-based unicorn startup Acronis released its latest cybersecurity survey on March 31 today, highlighting that 86% of IT professionals are concerned about cryptojacking.According to the 2020 World Cyber Protection Week Survey, there is a growing fear among IT experts in the face of cryptojacking attacks, as the study shows

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The Mysterious Founder of Cross-Chain Protocol Reveals His Identity

The NULS Technical Community (NULS) has released a blueprint for Nerve Network, a cross-chain protocol. Until now, the mysterious mastermind behind the network was known only known as “Berzeck”.Vitalik’s dream come trueNerve Network is tackling the same issue as Cosmos (Atom) and Polkadot — a lack of cross-chain interoperability.

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Binance Reveals the Secret Behind Its Cryptocurrency Futures Success

Aaron Gong, vice president of futures at major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, explained to Cointelegraph how the firm managed to become one of the top crypto futures trading platforms.As Cointelegraph reported earlier this week, Binance recently overtook BitMEX and became the second-largest platform in terms of 24-hour Bitcoin (BTC) futures

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